The Fellowship

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Men of Númenor



Númenor stood the kingdom of every Dúnedain, established on an island in the Great Sea, connecting Middle-earth and Aman. The nation was brought up from the sea as a gift to Men. It was also declared Elenna or the Isle of Elenna (“Starwards”) since the Dúnedain survived driven to it by the Star of Eärendil and as the island was in the form of a five-pointed star. At the center of the isle the mount Meneltarma was used by the Dúnedain as a temple to Ilúvatar. The biggest city and metropolis of Númenor was Armenelos. After the vast conflict with the Dark Lord Morgoth, the Valar felt pity for the House of Bëor (Later called Hurin) for their miseries. Númenor had only two rivers: Siril, which started at Meneltarma and stopped in a small delta bordering the city of Nindamos, and the Nunduinë, which entered the sea in the Bay of Eldanna next the haven Eldalondë. Elros, son of Eärendil, lived the first King of Númenor, taking the title of Tar-Minyatur (“First King”). Under his dominion (year SA 32 to SA 442 of the Second Age), and those of his descendants, Men rose to become a dominant race. The first boats navigated from Númenor to Middle-earth in the year SA 600 of the Second Age. The Valar banned the Númenóreans from sailing so far westbound, so Númenor was no longer noticeable, for fear that they would proceed upon the Undying Lands, to which mankind could not come. The decline of Númenor Over extent, the Númenóreans, began to begrudge the Limitation of the Valar and to revolt against their power, seeking the eternal life, so they gathered was begrudged them. So they moved in a different direction in response taking their past with them like towing companies do for us today. Continue reading 

A New Era



Lord of the rings is very thought out fictional world where many metaphors are apparent, shown in many ways the most visible is the shift from ancient world to a more modern time without the superstition. Fueled by faith ruled by nature. During this story, we see a first race leave this land to a better place while new race takes over. This metaphor represents the shift from the old empires such as Rome, which shaped Europe that later lead the world into a new era where the lines of color belief and religion don’t decide who we are. Bringing a new age of freedom self-definition not controlled by false ideals and idols. The constant placement of such things means important moving companies are need all across the land. Characters like Tom Bombadil is a good example since he is said to be the eldest being in middle earth who came before the first rain drop and the of the elves followed by the fallen god and his minion Sauron. Continue reading 

Ancient Hero



There are many characters in the Lord of Rings stories that give hope to the hero worth their worldly wisdom that seems to inspire the protagonist Gandalf is the most reliable character you will meet in the Lord of the Rings series as well as in the prequels. He first returns to the Shire for Bilbo’s birthday, where we see these two friends reconnect before new journey beings. Gandalf has his suspicions about the ring previously owned by hi now in the position Frodo’s so he just chuck it into the hearth fire whether or not it was the one ring which was just cereal. Reading how he dealt with Saruman instead of being a betrayer shows how boss he is, not many people would reject more power at the cost of others when the alternative would be death. This resolve is the outcome of being an ancient being passing as a man to help the peoples of middle earth before the dark lord appears to retrieve the Ring. He told Frodo the full history of the Ring and urged him to undertake a journey to Rivendell; for a little punk, squealer ratted him out so he would be in grave danger if he stayed in the Shire. Gandalf said he would attempt to meet Frodo and Sam on the road, to better protect him on the way after that; and in the meanwhile, he would try to rally allies to their quest. Leaving quietly, like a phantom as the Ringwraiths of Sauron would be searching for him in the Shire and the surrounding area. My Friend reminds me of what real fandom is since for some reason he bought a bunch of memorabilia from his lord of the rings theme decorated room. His carpet is what stands out more in my mind since its weirdly grayish white, and it’s so clean all the time wonder which carpet cleaners he uses cause their carpet cleaning services are excellent. Continue reading 

Evils Power Conquered


The Uruk-hai created by Saruman and Sauron bring a different idea of what your enemy can do, reminding us never discredit hatred, greed, or power. Kidnapping Merry and Pippin only proves a critical point in our villains story is presenting its self after a long period of scheming now coming to end. Agonizing over little losses caused by a group of hobbits followed by, Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas slaughtering orcs along the way. Gandalf and Saruman’s Involvement the kingdom of Rohan expands a viewers perception of other folks. Finally, we get a first glimpse into the lives of humanity not some half spoken statement about its weakness from main characters like Elrond and Sauramon. The Rohirrim honor shows a sign of loyalty to Theoden beyond compare; horse riders know what sacrifice means in dire times. Merry and Pippin save them selfs by escaping into Fangorn where they befriended by Treebeard, the oldest of the tree-like Ents. Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas meet the horse riders that just came from slaughtering a group of Uruk-hai, who camped outside the forest of Fangorn. One more reason that the Rohirrim honor never is in question during this story. Continue reading 

The Fellowship




My favorite story is the Lord of The Rings series, capturing a more traditional part of writing fables for children and adults looking for something based on good prevailing over evil. We didn’t just read bedtime tales to tell kids that monsters exist, no they already this fact but reminding them how obstacles represented as monsters can overcome no matter what. One of my favorite parts through this journey is unification at a time a division is easier amongst the other all the races. But ideals of freedom, courage, and honor brought those who would separate out of selfishness against a force that threatened to destroy everything. The story begins in the most unlikely place fill with the most uncommon sort of folk hobbits also known as Shire people. The main hero of this story Frodo Baggins inherits something very special from his uncle Bilbo that would lead him on a historical adventure made up of wondrous things. Gandalf the Grey, a wizard, old friend of Bilbo, and guardian of Frodo appears with a quest after suspecting the Ring’s identity. When he became confident, he sends Frodo to Bree from the Shire accompanied by his old friend, Samwise Gamgee, and two cousins, Merry, and Pippin. Continue reading