A New Era



Lord of the rings is very thought out fictional world where many metaphors are apparent, shown in many ways the most visible is the shift from ancient world to a more modern time without the superstition. Fueled by faith ruled by nature. During this story, we see a first race leave this land to a better place while new race takes over. This metaphor represents the shift from the old empires such as Rome, which shaped Europe that later lead the world into a new era where the lines of color belief and religion don’t decide who we are. Bringing a new age of freedom self-definition not controlled by false ideals and idols. The constant placement of such things means important moving companies are need all across the land. Characters like Tom Bombadil is a good example since he is said to be the eldest being in middle earth who came before the first rain drop and the of the elves followed by the fallen god and his minion Sauron. The orcs also known for being a tainted version of the elves shows how we as a species have parts that only known what it means to kill and hate. Bursting into the world from the belly of an innocent as a new born babe tainted by their parents this shows that even he young can be destined for evil. What amazes me is that even after that the elves find themselves higher than all others. What I the found truest form strength is the example of Tom Bombadil, a peaceful fellow who helped random people find peace. Other than a few trick he is more ancient than the monster in false kings or the nameless wanderers forgotten for their shameful betrayal. Some would portray him as a being from the lands that are undying were the one exists watching the world. But what he is can’t be explained in one but through a combination of different stories as old as the middle earth. Shedding a view in evolving beliefs in religions such as paganism to Christianity teaching a new generations tranquility and enlightenment through the prayer and church, not the mountain path. Betterment through deeds accompanied by sacrifice is something most people get since it’s not how we act but what we do that matters. The quest to destroy the ring represents our world’s idea that evil is only kept in an individual form or race when it is embedded in our souls trying to overpower the light. Following the original tale of how Sauron rose up out of the shadow of Morgoth to conquer the world