Evils Power Conquered


The Uruk-hai created by Saruman and Sauron bring a different idea of what your enemy can do, reminding us never discredit hatred, greed, or power. Kidnapping Merry and Pippin only proves a critical point in our villains story is presenting its self after a long period of scheming now coming to end. Agonizing over little losses caused by a group of hobbits followed by, Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas slaughtering orcs along the way. Gandalf and Saruman’s Involvement the kingdom of Rohan expands a viewers perception of other folks. Finally, we get a first glimpse into the lives of humanity not some half spoken statement about its weakness from main characters like Elrond and Sauramon. The Rohirrim honor shows a sign of loyalty to Theoden beyond compare; horse riders know what sacrifice means in dire times. Merry and Pippin save them selfs by escaping into Fangorn where they befriended by Treebeard, the oldest of the tree-like Ents. Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas meet the horse riders that just came from slaughtering a group of Uruk-hai, who camped outside the forest of Fangorn. One more reason that the Rohirrim honor never is in question during this story.

Gandalf, resurrection as the more powerful “Gandalf the White” representing the forces of good in a land of evil, gives readers more to look forward to then a bland confrontation in Rohan. Though his mutually fatal duel with the Balrog inspired me to run at my problems with knowledge and wisdom and never back down no matter how bleak things may seem.Falling as he did through fire, a lake of water, and finally, a mountain top could be metaphorical by display a path of trials, so problematic only real conviction built by character victory came in the end. Gandalf appears riding on shadow fax to the capital of Rohan, glistening in the sun like a saint to free an ally swayed by an evil influence. Whom was Theoden real King of Rohan, now a pawn used by Saruman’s wretched minion Wormtongue, who allows large hoards to descend upon villages inhabited by Théodens populace. Causing chaos disrupting peace in an attempt to distract from Isengard production of Uruk’s leading to an inevitable battle at Helm deep. After tapping deep into his strength, Gandalf forces the now corrupted wizard from back weakening him in the process creating a one side advantage if another conflict were to arise. Showing that magic as with power is only as strong compared to the experience and wisdom carried within a person.