The Fellowship




My favorite story is the Lord of The Rings series, capturing a more traditional part of writing fables for children and adults looking for something based on good prevailing over evil. We didn’t just read bedtime tales to tell kids that monsters exist, no they already this fact but reminding them how obstacles represented as monsters can overcome no matter what. One of my favorite parts through this journey is unification at a time a division is easier amongst the other all the races. But ideals of freedom, courage, and honor brought those who would separate out of selfishness against a force that threatened to destroy everything. The story begins in the most unlikely place fill with the most uncommon sort of folk hobbits also known as Shire people. The main hero of this story Frodo Baggins inherits something very special from his uncle Bilbo that would lead him on a historical adventure made up of wondrous things. Gandalf the Grey, a wizard, old friend of Bilbo, and guardian of Frodo appears with a quest after suspecting the Ring’s identity. When he became confident, he sends Frodo to Bree from the Shire accompanied by his old friend, Samwise Gamgee, and two cousins, Merry, and Pippin.

They stop in the town of Bree meet Strider, who is later revealed to be Aragorn, Isildur’s heir. Aragorn leads the Hobbits toward the Elven refuge of Rivendell under the protection of Lord Elrond. The Council of many races called between elves, dwarves, and men reveal an ancient history of war waged against evils minions. After that the fellowship is formed from the three peoples, now embarking on an epic journey to mount doom with the core intent of destroying Saurons Ring. Moria was one excellent portrayal of how these unlikely heroes are ridiculous enough to walk into a terrible situation with a core member of this fellowship knowing full well the price demanded from such decisions.Boromir’s betrayal before his glorious sacrifice is by far Tolkien’s best display of redemption through real valor raise by heroism, teaching us there is still time to make a difference before our days come to an end.