Men of Númenor



Númenor stood the kingdom of every Dúnedain, established on an island in the Great Sea, connecting Middle-earth and Aman. The nation was brought up from the sea as a gift to Men. It was also declared Elenna or the Isle of Elenna (“Starwards”) since the Dúnedain survived driven to it by the Star of Eärendil and as the island was in the form of a five-pointed star. At the center of the isle the mount Meneltarma was used by the Dúnedain as a temple to Ilúvatar. The biggest city and metropolis of Númenor was Armenelos. After the vast conflict with the Dark Lord Morgoth, the Valar felt pity for the House of Bëor (Later called Hurin) for their miseries. Númenor had only two rivers: Siril, which started at Meneltarma and stopped in a small delta bordering the city of Nindamos, and the Nunduinë, which entered the sea in the Bay of Eldanna next the haven Eldalondë. Elros, son of Eärendil, lived the first King of Númenor, taking the title of Tar-Minyatur (“First King”). Under his dominion (year SA 32 to SA 442 of the Second Age), and those of his descendants, Men rose to become a dominant race. The first boats navigated from Númenor to Middle-earth in the year SA 600 of the Second Age. The Valar banned the Númenóreans from sailing so far westbound, so Númenor was no longer noticeable, for fear that they would proceed upon the Undying Lands, to which mankind could not come. The decline of Númenor Over extent, the Númenóreans, began to begrudge the Limitation of the Valar and to revolt against their power, seeking the eternal life, so they gathered was begrudged them. So they moved in a different direction in response taking their past with them like towing companies do for us today. They tried to offset this by traveling eastward and settling large parts of Middle-earth, first in a civil way, but later as dictators. Soon the Númenóreans began to rule a vast but terrorizing nautical empire that had no competitor, but a few (the True) persisted loyal to the Valar and faithful to the Elves. However in Middle-earth in the year, SA 1600 the Dark Lord Sauron ( a former servant of Morgoth), the enemy of the Valar, deceived the Elven-smiths of Eregion furthermore forged a master ring. By SA 1693, the Elves and Sauron continued at war and in SA 1699 the Elves were overwhelmed. Númenor took notice, and Tar-Minastir, Ruler of Númenor sent a squadron to save Lindon moreover by SA 1701 Eriador was reconquered. Around SA 1800 Númenoreans began settling on the coast of Middle-Earth in areas such as Umbar. But Sauron lengthened his power, and his Shadow fell upon Númenor. In the year SA 3255, the 25th king Ar-Pharazôn left to Middle-earth. The Númenoreans appeared in such force that Sauron himself abdicated to their might. Sauron then destroyed the mind of the King and soon reduced the Númenóreans, assuring them eternal life if they prayed to Morgoth. With Sauron as his herald, Ar-Pharazôn had a 500-foot tall temple to Morgoth erected in which he offered human sacrifices.