The Fellowship

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Rise of Morgoth


In regards to the mythology in Middle Earth, we see a series of religious beliefs between the warring races of men, elves, dwarves, and orcs who each thinks their lives are more valuable than another. This fact hilariously just as in the real world Is something that makes them similar in that regard. The story though interesting doesn’t start here it takes place before time in the Timeless Halls were Eru Iluvatar( The One) seats alone in the void surrounded by nothing until he creates a selection of celestial beings called the Ainur. Melkor “He Who Arises In Might”, later known predominantly as Morgoth, was the first Dark Lord and the primordial source of evil in Eä. Melkor was created by Eru Iluvatar in that Timeless Halls, at the origin of creation. His brother was Manwë, although Melkor was greater in power and knowledge than any of the Ainur. Troubled with the emptiness of the Great Void found outside the doors of the Timeless Halls and aspiring to create things of his own, Melkor often went forth into the Void in a quest for the Flame Imperishable. But the Flame comprised of Iluvatar and resided with him, and Melkor never noticed it. He continued to search, however, and as such was often alone and apart from his fellow Ainur. This was the cause of a conflict later down the road where had to separate himself from his maker and fellow Ainur to conquer the creation that had been forged.It was during these lonesome periods that Melkor began to have ideas and thoughts of his own that were not by his fellow Ainur. Leading to a descent meant to support his rise to power, finding the elves first and converting them to orcs to wage war against those he called family. Now the Ainur have to aid elves and men in removing junk from middle earth known as Morgoth no the original dark lord. Throughout history in various religions have told us of different stories were gods stood against each other in the goal of absolute power. One tale most would know is Greek in origin, when time and creation were formed Chaos held in the darkness alone until the first Titans ancestors of the Gods were formed, it is well-known power amongst this celestial family has always been sought after. Killing the previous generation to complete this task is what allowed the next generation to gain the position held before in place of their predecessor. Most notably how Cronus after taking his place as the holder of time feared the birth of his children who would eventually try and usurp him. Devouring the first son Hades all the way to Poseidon until his kid’s mother decided to hide Zeus until he could stand against his father, By the time he fought his father he has enough strength to injure him to cause an opening where his siblings joined in the battle striking against Cronus finally slaying him. Another famous story comes the Egyptian mythology were two brothers Set and Osiris, who had enough of a difference in opinion on who should rule that Set murders his brother and chops him into pieces the essences of his soul won’t be retrievable.